“You Can’t Put a Price on Mobility”

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Equipment for Gait Training

More than 1.2 million people in the U.S. lack control over their own limbs. Learn about new breakthroughs in spinal cord injury that provide hope in reversing paralysis from ABC News.

5 years ago, Kim Dreske fell from a balcony in Park City, Utah, leaving her paralyzed and in a coma. A new documentary shows how she overcame impossible odds. “It’s been a long road,” says Kim’s father, Eddie Dreske, and inventor of the Assisted Walker. Watch Eddie’s interview with KTVX News in Salt Lake City, Utah.


At Retrainer Inc. we are dedicated to improving patient care resulting in improving the quality of life by providing high quality and innovative products. Healthcare providers, physicians, caregivers, and patients are our best referral sources; please feel free to explore a few of the testimonials below.

  • The Lifting Harness from Retrainer, Inc. is the best harness we have ever used for gait training.

  • After using the harness for an entire day, no headaches from back pain! I wore it to the shopping mall, at work all day, worked out with it on, went to a movie theater, and even slept with it on! What I am really excited about is not needing to take headache  medication!

  • The ability to add hot/cold gel packs and an optional lumbar foam insert is unlike any product I have seen in 30 plus years of chiropractic therapy!I would highly recommend the Multipurpose Harness to anyone suffering from lower back pain!

  • The Assisted Walker is one of the most innovative technologically advanced gait training devices offering improved patient care by providing increased patient comfort resulting in greatly improved patient involvement. Additionally the system enhances patient and care provider safety.

  • For patients in a pre- or post-operative situation, the TLSO Back Brace is so lightweight and comfortable that patients don’t feel they have it on. The padded backplane offers added pain relief to patients suffering from various back and spine ailments.

  • In 2004 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The most severe post operative issues being extreme scar tissue and muscle loss in my right shoulder. This loss of strength has made it nearly impossible to perform simple daily tasks, such as combing my hair. Over the last 60 days I have been using the “multi purpose harness” with a reusable hot gel pack insert. It has enabled me to sit in a chair, comb my hair, and type without pain.  Thank you Retrainer!

  • I have been through surgery and rehab, I can definitely see how the Assisted Walker and Lifting Harness Package would have made a huge difference. Will., CPTA Attendee

  • There is more comfort in the Lifting Harness, having the thigh components are much better.The Assisted Walker is a very good system to have as it has the 360 degree features, allowing to take the weight and weight bearing or partial weight features in pounds and or kilograms. I like the adjustable arm rests. Arlene., Physical Therapist 30+years

  • Really comfortable Lifting Harness, no tightness or pinching. Overall the Assisted Walker and Lifting Harness is a very good system. Kim., Physical Therapist